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Hard copies of all policies are available to read on request at the Main Office. Some of these policies can also be downloaded below.

As a Victorian Government school, we adhere to the policies and guidelines as described in the Department of Education and Training website.

Personal accident and personal property insurance

The Department of Education and Training and St Kilda Primary School does not have insurance for accidental injuries or accidental property damage.  However, in some circumstances, medical or other expenses will be paid by the Department where it is assessed that it is likely, in all the circumstances, that the Department is liable for negligent acts or omissions of its staff or volunteers.

For more information about the Department’s public liability claims process, please see: Negligence Claims Process.

St Kilda Primary School encourages parents and carers to consider obtaining their own accident insurance for students and property of value that may be brought to school. Please also note our school’s Personal Property Policy listed below.

School Policy Documents

SKPS Admin of Medication Policy

SKPS Medication Authority Form

SKPS Anaphylaxis Policy

SKPS Asthma Policy

SKPS Attendance Policy

SKPS Bullying Prevention Policy

SKPS Camps and Excursions Policy

SKPS Child Safety Policy

SKPS Child Safety responding and reporting policy and procedures

SKPS Complaints Policy

SKPS Duty of Care Policy

SKPS First Aid Policy

SKPS Fundraising Policy

SKPS Health Care Needs Policy

SKPS Inclusion and Diversity Policy

SKPS Mobile Phone and Wearable Technology Policy

SKPS Parent Dispute Policy

SKPS Photographing, Filming and Recording Policy

SKPS Statement of Values and School Philosophy

SKPS Student Wellbeing and Engagement Policy

SKPS Sunsmart Policy

SKPS Syringe Safety Procedure

SKPS Visitors Policy

SKPS Volunteers Policy

SKPS Yard Duty and Supervision Policy

Exclusion Table

Department of Education and Training Policies

During the ordinary course of your child’s attendance at our school, school staff will collect your child’s personal and health information when necessary to educate your child, or to support your child’s social and emotional wellbeing or health in the school context. Such information will also be collected when required to fulfil a legal obligation, including duty of care, anti-discrimination law and occupational health and safety law. If that information is not collected, the school may be unable to provide optimal education or support to your child, or fulfil those legal obligations.

Please download the Collection Statement below to find out more.

SKPS Collection of information re privacy

Click here to go to the Department’s Schools Privacy Policy.

SKPS School Council has approved the adoption of the Department’s Policies listed below for all school council employees, volunteers and contractors engaged by the school council.

DET Equal Opportunity and Anti-Discrimination Policy

DET Sexual Harassment Policy

DET Workplace Bullying Policy

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