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At St Kilda Primary School our student representative council is known as the Seito Kai.

As all of our students learn Japanese as part of their studies, we’ve incorporated some of the language into our daily life.

In Japanese Seito (生徒 (せいと)) means pupil and Kai (: 会 (カイ / ) is a meeting of people.

The Seito Kai are the voice of the student population and their input is welcomed and genuinely considered when decisions are being made about issues and events in the school.

Some Seito Kai Projects:

  • Organised the sourcing of sustainably and ethically produced House T-shirts
  • Created a Peace Garden within the Enchanted Garden
  • Trialled a ‘Welcome to New Families’ Program
  • Posted inspirational messages to students during lockdown

A message from our Seito Kai

Welcome to 2021! We are all so excited to be the Seito Kai this year. We hope that we can change our school together for the better.

We have dreams for our school and now we get to have the chance to bring them to life. Let our voices be yours.

With the beginning of a brand new year, we are deeply motivated to help 2021 be the best year ever. We have some awesome ideas and if we can put our brains together, we can work together to bring these ideas to life.

We look forward to working with you all as we lead our school community to achieve our goals and dreams.