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St Kilda Primary School has a strong focus on sustainability and the environment. The school believes that it is not only important to teach students to take responsibility to create a sustainable future, but also to have a hands-on approach by reducing, reusing and recycling and the environmental benefits that follow.

In May 2018 SKPS became a 5 Star accredited Sustainable Resource Smart School (an AuSSI Vic program/government initiative). This is the culmination of 9 years of work by the whole school community. Every day we integrate environmental sustainability into our daily operations and we are proud of the environmental initiatives here at SKPS.

SKPS is committed to supporting our community to understand and adopt the 5Rs of waste management. Our focus has been on recycling and encouraging our community to be mindful about how they manage their waste. We believe that sustainable actions need to be part of who we are and not the responsibility of a few to lead the way.

Our children are immersed in a culture that lives and breathes sustainability. Together with their teachers, they explore how they can reduce the amount of waste they produce by choosing to buy things such as reusable drinking bottles and having Nude Food, donating their old uniform to the Swap Shop for others to wear and seeing and understanding the impact of waste on their local environment, such as our local canal and beach.

Please look at the SKPS: Reducing Our Impact document below to see the many initiatives that we work on to reduce our impact. Our hope is that these future citizens will take these new understandings and contribute to a society that will care for our planet and bring her back to health.

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