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Year 4 and the Great Billy Cart Derby

Building and racing a humble billy cart is a rite of passage for many Aussie children – but our Year 4 students at St Kilda Primary have taken this challenge to the next level in our annual Great Billy Cart Derby! Four classes – four teams – making a total of a 16 team line up, ready to race down the center straight of our school oval!

Character, critical and creative thinking, science, design and technologies are just some of the skills and dispositions that our students develop and apply to this unit of work – but at the heart of this project is teamwork. From the very beginning, students collaborate in teams to design, construct and race their billy carts. Journeying through the design process, students begin by creating a team profile; deciding on a name, logo and, most importantly, their billy cart colours and design. They learn about health and fitness and the biometrics of successful athletes across a range of sports and then apply this new knowledge to their team fitness regime.

Our parent community is invited to come into our classrooms to help build our billy carts and, of course, to watch in anticipation on race day to see who the winning team will be!

A highlight event for our students and our community – The Great Billy Cart Race is not to be missed!

Click here to watch the Nine News report from our 2019 Billy Cart Derby.

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