St Kilda Primary School reports student progress to parents in line with the Department’s Reporting Student Achievement and Progress Foundation to 10 policy. In addition, St Kilda Primary School ensures that there is continuous sharing of assessment information formally and informally with parents/carers throughout the term/semester, including through twice-annual formal reporting.

The report will be in a written format easy for parents/carers to understand and will be accessible in digital form with the option to translate text from English to another language, to cater to our school community.

  • St Kilda Primary School will report directly against the Victorian Curriculum F-10 achievement standards or, if reporting on students for whom English is an additional language, the Victorian Curriculum F-10 EAL achievement standards.
  • Both student achievement and progress will be included in the report.
  • An age-related five-point scale, where the quality of a student’s achievement against what is ‘expected’ for students of that year level at the time of reporting, will be used for reporting against the achievement standards in English, Mathematics and Science (where applicable) .
  • St Kilda Primary School will use an age related five-point scale for all other areas of the curriculum (where applicable).
  • Opportunities will be provided for parents/carers and students to discuss the school report with teachers and/or school leaders.

Parent-teacher interviews, conducted twice-yearly, enable the opportunity to discuss the students’ progress and how they can continue to be supported at home. Interpreting services will be made available where required.

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